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vegas karibu

The Bank at the Bellagio... 2012 CPR took you to the BANK at the Bellagio.

Las Vegas, NV

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LV7S Team

RECAP: The Dallas Memorial ’13 Team Experience

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Game On. The Fan Experience

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Chris Martin

The Pub at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino.. 2013.. Now onto 2014 at the All New Havana Room & Beach Club at Tropicana Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas, NV

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Kenyan business expo- Las Vegas Sevens

Experience the best of the kenyas business elite, when thy come together to showcase their products. This is the first of its kind and we are delighted to announce the response is overwhelming. we are about to release the full list in a few days.

CPR LAS VEGAS 7S 2014 DJ Spin Off

LV7S ’14 DJ Spin-off

2014 DJ- SPIN -OFF
Who Is the 2014 International dj?

In March 26th, we took issue with one some dj competition that only had djs from one region in Africa… We are creating a leveled playing ground with Cash prizes to be won. Calling out on all African djs, who call themselves djs to come and be part of this. Kenyan djs echoed their sentiments on the issue and for that reason please join CPR in introducing the yearly (Las Vegas rugby Sevens international dj Spin off)
If you are a DJ who thinks you can put up some weight, a label head scouting new talent, or a fan of DJ Competitions, join us for the CPR 2014 DJ Spin-off where you can truly witness the Art of the DJ. The competitions will take place over 2 days, with Beat Matching, Crowd control & scratching categories. Judges will decide who has what it takes to own first place in each category. Prizes will be provided by a leading USA Actor.
Entry Deadline: November 12, 2013
Contestants will bring the following:
• Laptops, CDs or vinyl containing music for the DJ spinoff
• Headphones, needles & slip mats
CPR will provide the following equipment (there will be 2 identical set ups):
• 1 x Pioneer DJM800 Mixer
• 2 x CDJ800MK2s
• 2 x Technics 1200s
• 2 x Rane TTM 57 DJ Mixers
Guidelines for entry:

• All entries must include a completed application form, refundable entry fee of $30.00,
bio, and demo.( application form coming up shortly)

• DJs may enter both Beat Matching + scratching competitions.

• Demo’s must be no longer than 5 minutes in length and must be
reflective of the DJs prospective performance.

• Submissions are subject to approval.

• Demo material submitted will become the property of CPR
and will not be returned.

• No submissions will be reviewed after the deadline date.
No last minute entries or substitutes are allowed.

• All judges’ decisions are final.

• DJs must bring their own headphones, needles, vinyl and slip mats to the Spin-off
• All contestants are required to check in one hour before the Spinoff begins.

Send submissions to:
Beat Matching (6 Minutes- Includes Crowd Control and energizing the crowd. Crowd must be Dancing. Don’t worry we have judges to judge you just entertain the crowd. Must be able to play all genres of music not just one type.)
Scratching (3 Minutes)
Crowd Control (16 minutes)
1. Intro

2. Technical Abilities

3. Showmanship

4. Tricks

5. Timing (cuts/beats) 6. Creativity

7. Audience Response.. Main theme.

8. Blending

9. Juggling

10. Outro

• Must Share the Event with the social media outlets 20 times per week. This is to create the awareness and a chance to bring your fans who will cheer for you at the Competition. (You will for sure need this). Social Media interaction will be monitored by the CPR team. Failure to Share with 20 or more people per week might lead to disqualification.
• Must be on Facebook, twitter.
• Must be over the age of 21 yrs.
• Must be able to play all genres of music.
• Must include an African hit song or songs in his/her set.
• Must not play the same song that has been played by another dj.
• Must keep the crowd on the dance floor dancing not staring, so you must control your Scratches, but you will still be judged on your Scratching skills.
• Must not be drunk on Stage.
• Only one Dj at Stage at a time.
• Must submit your Playlist or set by Jan 3rd by 11.59 pm with track list. (This is to ensure that no dj repeat another djs song. If we find many similar songs, we reserve the right to request a particular dj to change his play list.
• The KEY Is to keep the crowd jumping and screaming….
(Rules are subject to change without any notification)
(CPR Management has a right to deny any Dj a chance to join the competition)
It’s a Party so Lets Party, after all… its CPR- Where good friends and Music meets.